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Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab – 3e.429

Dec 1st, 2019

The Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab under the direction of Dr. Stavros Poulopoulos, Associate Professor at the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department, supported successfully the lab sessions for the 3rd year UG students and the 1st year MSc and PhD students of the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department during Fall 2019 semester. Specifically, 24 lab sessions were offered in the context of the Chemical Reaction Engineering course, and 8 lab sessions in the context of Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering course. The lab supported also the Research Practice course of 9 3rd year UG students, which amounted to about 60 experiments in total. The experienced members of the photo group of Dr. Poulopoulos, namely Gaukhar Ulykbanova (Teaching Assistant), Ardak Makhatova (Research Assistant), Saule Mergenbayeva (PhD student), and Moldir Duisengalieva (MSc student) assisted in completing this demanding load with success. Special thanks go to Gaukhar Ulykbanova, who bear most of the load with flawless professionalism, absolute safety and profound excellence.

Successful Research Proposal in the context of DCRGP 2020-2022

Nov 30th, 2019

The following research proposal of Dr. Stavros Poulopoulos, Associate Professor at the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department, in the context of DCRGP 2020-2022 has been officially accepted by NU Managing Council:CoPhoTEP: Cost-Effective Photocatalysts for the Treatment of Wastewaters containing Emerging Pollutants

Dr. Inglezakis is participating as co-PI. Internationally established scientists will support the action, namely Dr. E. Chatzisymeon (h-index 20) from University of Edinburgh, Dr. D. Mantzavinos (h-index 65) from University of Patras, and Dr. D. Dionysiou (h-index 98) from the University of Cincinnati. A short description of the proposal is following:

“The proposed project aims at developing cost-effective and highly active photocatalysts for the elimination of emerging pollutants in water and wastewaters and at providing a novel process to existing wastewater treatment facilities in Kazakhstan. The focus will be on compounds of emerging concern like pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors, as these compounds have been receiving increasing attention since they are potential bioactive chemicals in the environment, yet they still remain unregulated. At the same time, the treatment of municipal wastewaters is also deficient in Kazakhstan and environmental awareness is low although water resources and water treatment constitute a top priority target for the development strategy of the country. So, it will be also attempted to provide a photocatalytic process for complex wastewaters generated in the industry or urban centers of Kazakhstan

Photocatalysis is suitable as a complementary process for deep purification of water and wastewaters, since it is economically viable for the concentrations with which emerging pollutants are present in water effluents, especially if visible light sensitized catalysts are employed.

In the proposed approach, two directions are initially planned to be followed for the development of photocatalytic materials: a) preparation of zeolite/doped or undoped TiO2/iron for the treatment of complex wastewaters under UV/VIS light, b) preparation of novel photocatalysts like TiO2 suitably modified by addition of metals or modified so that visible light could be used as irradiation source to eliminate emerging pollutants in water.”

The proposal will be funded with $150,000 for the period 1/1/20 – 31/12/22.

Scientific Reports (IF 4.011) Accepted Publication!

Nov 29th, 2019

Dr. Stavros Poulopoulos in his capacity as corresponding author was informed that the manuscript entitled “Degradation and mineralization of 4-tert-butylphenol in water using Fe-doped TiO2 catalysts” was accepted for publication in Scientific Reports (2018 Impact Factor 4.011). The participation of all co-authors is gratefully acknowledged, namely of Ardak Makhatova, Gaukhar Ulykbanova, Shynggys Sadyk, Kali Sarsenbay, Timur Sh. Atabaev, and Vassilis J. Inglezakis. This research was funded by the Nazarbayev University ORAU project “Noble metals nanocomposites hyper-activity in heterogeneous non-catalytic and catalytic reactions (HYPERMAT)”, SOE2019012 (2019-2021), Grant Number 110119FD4536. The technical support of Core Facilities of Nazarbayev University is also greatly acknowledged.

Abay-Verne Scholarship Program

Nov 28th, 2019

Aziza Suleimenova, an MSc student at the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department under the supervision of Dr. Stavros Poulopoulos, Associate Professor at the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department, was accepted to the University of Grenoble Alpes to join the Master 2 program of Applied Corporate Management after being awarded a scholarship in the context of Abay-Verne (AV) Scholarship Program.

AV scholarship program is a joint program of Kazakhstan and the French governments, which allows students to obtain their master degree in one of the Universities of France.

The main requirement to apply for this program is to be admitted by a French University. The scholarship offers the students a stipend of 800 euros per month from the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, while the obligation regarding the payment of registration fee for education is fulfilled by the French government. There was a great competition this year between candidates for a scholarship from the whole Kazakhstan, which makes the achievement of Aziza more important. A statement from Aziza herself is following:

“The M.Sc. program at Nazarbayev University helped me to choose the program that I am going to study in France. I was accepted to the University of Grenoble Alpes on Master 2 program of Applied Corporate Management. Learning the processes and the technologies of production during the first year of Master of chemical and materials engineering, I decided to further increase my area of knowledge and learn how to organize and manage the chemical production as an enterprise. The support and the reference letter from my supervisor, Dr. Poulopoulos, was of outmost importance.”

ESTg got published a new paper in Sustainability — Open Access Journal (IF=2.59)

Nov 27th, 2019

Title:“ Survey on Household Solid Waste Sorting at Source in Developing Economies: A Case Study of Nur-Sultan City in Kazakhstan ”

Authors: Yerbol Sarbassov, Tolkyn Sagalova, Obid Tursunov, Christos Venetis, Stefanos Xenarios and Vassilis Inglezakis

Link for the information:

Urban Water Journal Publication

Nov 26th, 2019

Dr. Stavros Poulopoulos, Associate Professor at the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department, co-authored a paper that was published in the Urban Water Journal (2018 Impact Factor 2.083): Efi Drimili, Zoi Gareiou, Antigoni Vranna, Stavros Poulopoulos & Efthimios Zervas (2019) An integrated approach to public’s perception of urban water use and ownership of water companies during a period of economic crisis. Case study in Athens, Greece, Urban Water Journal, 16:5, 334-342, DOI: 10.1080/1573062X.2019.1669194

For more information:…/full/10…/1573062X.2019.1669194

NU Almaty Open House Event

Nov 25th, 2019

Dr. Stavros Poulopoulos, Associate Professor at the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department, joined the recruitment team for the NU Open House event in Almaty on November 15-17, 2019. There were many potential applicants interested in all levels of NU programs. Specifically, Dr. Poulopoulos gave two inspiring speeches on “Chemical and Materials Engineering: Profession, Study at Nazarbayev University and Career Prospects”. The presentation was followed by an Intellectual Game organized by Dr. Poulopoulos, which was met with great enthusiasm by the audience. Besides these presentations, ESTg co-Director spoke with tens of prospective students and parents and provided consultation and clarifications about the study in the School of Engineering and Digital Sciences of Nazarbayev University.

ESTg got published a new paper in Energy Journal with IF=5.747 !Congratulations!

Nov 19th, 2019

Title: “A Characterization of solid char produced from pyrolysis of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste, high volatile coal and their blends “

Authors: Hesam Kamyab, Diyar Tokmurzin, Berik Aimbetov, Bexultan Abylkhani, Vasileios Inglezakis, Ben Anthony, Botagoz Kuspangaliyeva

New paper under publication

Nov 15th, 2019

We are pleased to inform you that one more paper was accepted for publication in  Journal of Molecular Liquids with IF=4.561!

Title:“ Cryogel-based Ago/Ag2O nanocomposites for iodide removal from water

Authors: Alzhan Baimenov, Dmitriy Berillo, Vassilis J.Inglezakis

January 24th 2020… ESTg goes to Mars!

Nov 12th, 2019

15 years ago the Mars exploration Rover landed on Mars. 15 years from now NASA plans to send people to Mars.
In the meantime, we at NU, are contributing with research to be part of that journey.

Find out more here: