Nur-Sultan (Astana), Republic of Kazakhstan, 53 Kabanbay Batyr, ave.

Yerbol Sarbassov


2012 – 2017  – Cranfield University UK, School of Engineering
PhD topic on:
– Formation of sulfur trioxide emissions in oxy-fired fluidised beds;
2009-2010  – The University of Nottingham, UK (Master’s degree),
MSc program: Energy Conversion and Management
2001-2006 –  Almaty Institute of Power engineering and Telecommunications
Faculty of Thermal Power Engineering
– Qualification Engineer diploma: “Industrial heat and power engineering”


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Conference proceedings:

  • Yerbol Sarbassov, Berik Aiymbetov, Diyar Tokmurzin, Almira Yagofarova, Bexultan Abylkhani, Christos Venetis, Vassilis Inglezakis, Edward J Anthony, ‘Combustion characterization of refuse derived fuel from municipal solid waste of Astana city. Thermogravimetric and tube furnace analysis, 23rd International Conference on Fluidized Bed Conversion’, 13-17 May 2018, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Oral). Link: (Abstract accepted).  
  • Bexultan Abylkhani, Rustam Otarov, Berik Aiymbetov, Almira Yagofarova, Diyar Tokmurzin, Christos Venetis, Stavros Poulopoulos, Yerbol Sarbassov, Vassilis Inglezakis, ‘Astana city Municipal Solid Waste Characterization’, NAXOS 2018 6th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management, 13–16 June 2018, Greece (Oral), Link (Abstract accepted).
  • Diyar Tokmurzin, Berik Aiymbetov, Bexultan Abylkhani, Almira Yagofarova, Yerbol Sarbassov, Vasilis Inglezakis, Christos Venetis, Desmond Adair, Stavros G. Poulopoulos, ‘Characterization, pyrolysis and gasification of refuse derived fuel, organic fraction of municipal solid waste, coal and their mixture blends in fixed bed’, at the 4th International Conference on Low Carbon Asia and Beyond (ICLCA2018), Johor Bahru Malaysia, 24-26 October 2018. Link: (Abstract accepted).
  • Diyar Tokmurzin, Kalkaman Suleymenov, Berik Aiymbetov, Yerbol Sarbassov, Myung Won Seo, Desmond Adair, ‘Flash pyrolysis of Shubarkol coal in circulating fluidized bed reactor for semi-coke production’ IX International Symposium, “Combustion and Plasmochemistry” September 13-15, The Institute of Combustion Problems Kazakhstan, Almaty, 2017.
  • Yerbol Sarbassov, Lunbo Duan, Michal Jeremia, Vasilije Manovic, Edward J. Anthony, ‘SO3 formation in a bubbling fluidised bed under oxy-fuel combustion conditions’ IX International Symposium, “Combustion and Plasmochemistry” September 13-15, The Institute of Combustion Problems Kazakhstan, Almaty, 2017;
  • Aiymgul Kerimray, Aidyn Bakdolotov, Yerbol Sarbassov, Vasileios Inglezakis, Stavros Poulopoulos, Air pollution in Astana: analysis of recent trends and air quality monitoring system, presented at 5 th  International Conference on Nanomaterials and Advanced Energy Storage Systems (INESS- 2017), Nazarbayev University, 9-11, August 2017;
  • Torkmahalleh, MA., Sarbassov, Y., Myrzagaliev, A., Rojas-Solorzano, LR., ‘Estimation of Energy Potential for Biogas Produced from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in Landfill of Astana Using Aspen Plus’, To be presented at: 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN, 2017 (;
  • Sarbassov, Y., Zayoud, A., Mahanta, P., Gu, S., Ranganathan, P., Saha, UK., Circulating fluidised bed hydrodynamics study at elevated pressure and atmospheric O 2 /CO 2 environment, 22nd International Conference on the fluidised bed conversion, June 2015, Finland; Link:
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