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ESTg got published a new paper in Energy Journal with IF=5.747 !Congratulations!

Nov 19th, 2019

Title: “A Characterization of solid char produced from pyrolysis of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste, high volatile coal and their blends “

Authors: Hesam Kamyab, Diyar Tokmurzin, Berik Aimbetov, Bexultan Abylkhani, Vasileios Inglezakis, Ben Anthony, Botagoz Kuspangaliyeva

New paper under publication

Nov 15th, 2019

We are pleased to inform you that one more paper was accepted for publication in  Journal of Molecular Liquids with IF=4.561!

Title:“ Cryogel-based Ago/Ag2O nanocomposites for iodide removal from water

Authors: Alzhan Baimenov, Dmitriy Berillo, Vassilis J.Inglezakis

January 24th 2020… ESTg goes to Mars!

Nov 12th, 2019

15 years ago the Mars exploration Rover landed on Mars. 15 years from now NASA plans to send people to Mars.
In the meantime, we at NU, are contributing with research to be part of that journey.

Find out more here:

Visiting the Environmental Reactor Engineering Lab in Block C4 of Nazarbayev University, 26 th October 2019

Oct 30th, 2019

Assc. Professor V. Inglezakis has offered the opportunity to the students of Water Policy and Management course (MPA 685) taught by Assc Prof. Stefanos Xenarios, to visit the Environmental Reactor Engineering Lab where he demonstrated the operation of a pilot scale Activated Sludge Plant. Prof. Inglezakis has presented the process of biological wastewater treatment in all the different stages by explaining the significance of the experiments in the optimization of wastewater processes.

Nanomed secondments in Alicante

Oct 29th, 2019

Alzhan Baimenov, PhD candidate from School of Engineering and Digital Science and Zhuldyz Baimenova, research assistant, members of the ESTG group continue their scientific research that was conducted at NOVA University Lisbon, Portugal at the University of Alicante, Spain from 1st to 31st of October 2019. The one month research was fully funded by the Horizon-2020 RISE international project “Novel Nanoporous Materials for Biomedical Applications” (acronym “NANOMED”).

Their research is conducted at the  Inorganic Chemistry Department under the supervision of Prof. Joaquin Silvestre-Albero (host) and Prof Vassilis Inglezakis (NU). Alzhan and Zhuldyz do experiments on the removal of iodide from natural seawater by Ag-modified cryogels. The XPS, IC, TGA and other analytical instruments were used to characterize the cryogels after the seawater treatment.

ESTg got published a new review paper in Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology journal !Congratulations!

Oct 28th, 2019

Title:“Application of zeolites in organic waste composting: A review

Authors: Hajar Taheri Soudejania, Hossein Kazemian, Vassilis J.Inglezakis, Antonis A.Zorpas

ESTg on Med-Tech Innovation News

Oct 17th, 2019

Another international portal Med-Tech Innovation News published an article about the project of Prof. Vassilis Inglezakis. You can find more details by the following the link below:

Med-Tech Innovation News is the only dedicated media serving the UK and Ireland medical device manufacturing sector. They provide intelligence for professionals involved in the design and production of medical devices and connect designers and manufacturers across the medical engineering and manufacturing community with the latest innovations.

1st GSPP Water Forum

Oct 16th, 2019

Prof, Vasilieios Inglezakis has participated as moderator of the discussion at the 1st GSPP Water Forum on 12th of October with focus on urban water management organized by Assc. Prof. Stefanos Xenarios .

The Forum included a Session on the Challenges to be met on urban water management in 21st century while a Roundtable Discussion was also organized on identifying similarities and differences of urban management in different Europe and Asia. In the Discussion, 6 experts of IWA participated, along with representatives from World Bank, Committee of Water Resources and the Committee On Construction, Housing And Utilities Services as well as from Nazarbayev University.

Interview of Prof. Vassilis Inglezakis to the international media

Oct 10th, 2019

We would like to share with you an interview of Prof. Vassilis Inglezakis to the international media about him and his colleagues’ great projects. We are happy to inform you that you can read his interview in respectful media platform –  Middle East Medical Portal :

Middle East Medical Portal is a resource for medical professionals providing educational articles on AI, regenerative medicine, cancer, surgery, and general medicine, and is a great outlet for exposure in the Middle East region:

Water Forum organized by the GSPP

Oct 4th, 2019

We would like to inform you that the Graduate School of Public Policy is organizing the Conference on Risk, Rationality and Resilence on 10-12 of October at Nazarbayev University, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

Within the framework of this conference, the Water Forum on Urban Water Management Challenges of 21st century will be held on 12th of
October, where Prof. Inglezakis will be the moderator.

You are welcome to participate in this forum.

Please register by following this link: