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ESTg got published a new paper in Journal of Air Transport Management(IF=2.412)

Feb 19th, 2020

Title: “Municipal solid waste management and greenhouse gas emissions at international airports: a case study of Astana International airport”

Authors: Y. Sarbassov, C. Venetis, B. Aimbetov, B. Abylkhani, A. Yagofarova, D. Tokmurzin, E.J.Anthony, V.J. Inglezakis    

ESTg got published a new paper in Journal of Water Process Engineering (IF=3.173)

Feb 10th, 2020

Title: “Complex organic fouling and effect of silver nanoparticles on aquaporin forward osmosis membranes”

Authors: Arman Balkenova, Amire Anuarbek, Aliya Satayeva, Jong Kim, Vassilis Inglezakis, Elizabeth Arkhangelsky

ESTg got published a new paper in Environmental Technology Journal

Feb 3rd, 2020

Title: “Photochemical mineralization of amoxicillin medicinal product by means of UV, hydrogen peroxide, titanium dioxide and iron”

Authors: Stavros G. Poulopoulos, Gaukhar Ulykbanova &Constantine J. Philippopoulos

Huge greeting from Washington #ESTgAlumni

Jan 28th, 2020

We are pleased to receive news from around the world from our alumni.

Former ESTg member Botagoz Kuspangalieva sent you a huge greeting from Washington. Currently, Botagoz is a Master student in Chemical Engineering at Howard University (Washington DC). She will be working on a project related to fractionation of plant-based materials to separate proteins from carbohydrates for both food and biofuel applications through pneumatic tribo-electrostatic separation technique. This sustainable chemical-free methodology employs an electrostatic technique to selectively charge proteins and carbohydrates in the flours and separate them based on the magnitude and type of their charge. Conventional protein production methods involve the use of solvents, concentrated acids and alkali that result in protein denaturation, thereby reducing the quality and functionality of the protein ingredients. The proposed project aimed to explore the potential of a dry or solvent free electrostatic-based separation technique for the production of high-quality protein powders as well as carbohydrate powders for both food and biofuel applications. 

We Go To Mars…

Jan 27th, 2020

“In all our history we were turning challenges and problems into opportunities. Can we do it again?”

See the next episode about our trip to Mars

#ESTgAlumni are conquering the world

Jan 21st, 2020

We continue to tell you about the alumni of our group. Today we want to talk about Zhandos Tauanov, who currently works as a KRF (Korea Research Fellowship) Postdoctoral researcher at Chungnam National University, Research Institute of Materials Chemistry, Daejeon, South Korea. This program is a highly prestigious fellowship in South Korea (success rate 15%). The title of his research topic is “Development of chiral sensing device using chiral nanostructures”. He will work on such research area as synthesis of chiral quantum dots with core-shell structures (FeSe, FeSe/ZnS) for biomedical sensing/imaging and optical applications; design and optimization of synthesis as well as the advancement of optical properties by applying fundamental studies.

We wish Zhandos new ideas, more energy for their implementation and success in any new endeavors!

ESTg members are awarded the FRIP grant

Jan 20th, 2020

Arslan Junissov and Akhmet Bekaliyev have joined the Environmental Science and Technology Group as undergraduate researchers since Fall 2018, working on the photocatalytic degradation of emerging pollutants in water under the supervision of Dr. Stavros Poulopoulos, Associate Professor at the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department. They were recently awarded the Fostering Research and Innovation Potential Grant by Young Researchers Alliance, which amounts to 1,000,000 KZT for six months. Their work will be specifically focused on the preparation and testing of silver nanocomposites for the catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol to 4-aminophenol and the photocatalytic degradation of emerging pollutants in water.

Publication of “Wellbeing news” about our Nanomed Project #MassMediaaboutESTg

Jan 9th, 2020

Please click the link to get more information about Nanomed Project

ESTg got published a new paper in Advances in Colloid and Interface Science Journal with high IF=9.259! Congratulations!

Dec 19th, 2019

Title:“ A review of cryogels synthesis, characterization and applications on the removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions ”

Authors:  AlzhanBaimenov, Dmitriy A.Berillo, Stavros G.Poulopoulos, Vassilis J.Inglezakisa

Link for the information:

ESTg got published a new paper in Comptes rendus chimie Journal (IF=2.366)

Dec 2nd, 2019

Title:“  Synthesis of biosourced silica-Ag nanocomposites and amalgamation reaction with mercury in aqueous solutions.  ”

Authors: Seitkhan Azat, Elizabeth Arkhangelsky, Athanasis Papathanasiou, Antonis. A. Zorpas, A. Abirov, Vassilis J. Inglezakis