Nur-Sultan (Astana), Republic of Kazakhstan, 53 Kabanbay Batyr, ave.

International Funding

National Funding

  • Cost-Effective Photocatalysts for the Treatment of Wastewaters containing Emerging Pollutants, Faculty Development Competitive Research Grants Program for 2020–2022.
  • Noble metals nanocomposites hyper-activity in heterogeneous non-catalytic and catalytic reactions, ORAU-funded project (2019-2021)
  • Co-firing of coal and biomass under air and oxy-fuel environments in fluidized bed rig: Experiments with process model development, ORAU-funded project (2019-2021)
  • Development of a Novel Technology for Production of High Quality Reclaimed Water: Track Etch Membrane BioreactorORAU-funded project (2019-2021)
  • Mercury contamination in Pavlodar and Borovoe, Kazakhstan: Evaluation of atmospheric emissions and cycle systems, site assessment, and human health risk characterization, Mert Guney (PI), Vassilis Inglezakis (Co-PI), ORAU funded project (2018-2020)
  • Development of municipal solid waste combustion and incineration technology for Astana (Kazakhstan) and investigation of municipal solid waste blending effects on reactivity of coals in CFB combustion and gasification processes, Yerbol Sarbassov (PI), V.J.Inglezakis (Co-PI), ORAU-funded project (2017-2019)
  • Study of Oil Pipeline Corrosion, funded by the private entity “Karachaganak Petroleum Operating”, V.J.Inglezakis (PI)(2017)
  • Hyperstiochiometry Activity in Metal Nanoparticle Interaction (HYPER Activ), V. Inglezakis (PI), 3-year ORAU Project approved by the NU Research Council, 2015-2018.
  • Developing Cost-effective Lightweight Cast-Nanocomposites (NANOCAST), C. Spitas (PI), V. Inglezakis (Co-PI), 3-year ORAU Project approved by the NU Research Council, set to start on 1/1/2016.
  • Soil-Pipelines Interaction, V. Inglezakis (PI), subcontrated by NURIS Enterprise LTD and PETROFAC Engineering LTD (2016)
  • Nanomaterials for Practical Use in Remediation: Case Study of Mercury Contamination in the Lake Bylkyldak, YevgeniyNikitin (PI), Eurasian Innovation University, S. Mikhalovsky (Co-PI), V. Inglezakis (Co-PI), Ray Whitby (Co-PI), MES funded project (2015-2018)
  • The Kazakhstan Soil Microbiome: Characterization of Agricultural Challenges and Opportunities, Schönbach (PI), A. Kushugulova (Co-PI), V.Inglezakis (Co-Investigator), MES funded project (2015-2016)
  • Forward osmosis: process improvement/optimization, fouling and cleaning mechanisms. Ministry of Education and Science funded project (2015-2017). PI E. Arkhangelsky, co-PI V. Inglezakis.
  •  Preliminary Study into the Development of Novel Membranes for Membrane Distillation Process. Nazarbayev University funded project. Seed Grant (2015). PI E. Arkhangelsky.
  • Nitrogen-Grafted Activated Carbon: Remove Nitrate in Water; Electro-Regeneration: Mikhalovsky (PI), V. Inglezakis (Co-PI), ORAU funded project (2014-2017)
  • Implementing and optimizing the operation of membrane bioreactors for petroleum wastewater treatment, Inglezakis (PI), Seed Grant (2013-2015) in collaboration with the University of Verona (Italy) and National Technical University of Athens (Greece)